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Tiny Love Doula Certification Truly is the Best Option for You

First, and we mean this sincerely, we want you to follow through with your dream of becoming a doula.  We know Tiny Love can prepare you for a successful career as a birth doula. Becoming a doula will change your life!

You will be inspired and proud of the work and service you provide. We believe that positive birth outcomes will change the world and we want you to start changing the world now. This desire to be a doula is not a whim, not a phase, and not just any job.  It is a calling, a lifestyle, a career. It is valuable and compelling work.

Although there are several certifying agencies, we think that you will choose Tiny Love.  You may think that one course is as good as another, but there are actually some significant differences between the certifying agencies.  Here are some of the unique aspects of our program:


We Take You, as You Are, Right Now


•You work at your own pace.  You may take as long as you like or finish as quickly as you like, it is entirely up to you.

•Great for almost any schedule. All coursework can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection. It can be done on your PC, Mac, Ipad, or smart phone.

•Your Tiny Love Certification is valid in all 50 states and it is recognized internationally.

•It is an excellent deal! There is one price for birth doula certification (we do offer payment plans).  There are no hidden fees, no yearly dues, no recurring charges, nothing. The price you see is the only price you pay. All payments are securely made through PayPal.


We Know What We are Doing


•We have attended over 1700 births, combined. We have learned a ton through our work, and we want to share our experience with you.

•We have been Doulas, Doula Trainers, Mentors, Childbirth Educators, and two of us are Certified Professional Midwives with Licenses in their respective states (TX and OR), as well as moms who utilized doulas for our own births.

•We have a combined 50 years experience as childbirth professionals.

•Jessica has been a DONA International Doula Trainer for over 14 years, a Certified Childbirth Educator (ICEA), a Lactation Educator and WIC Peer-Counselor, and has won several awards for creating doula programs that make a difference. She is also a Business Development Consultant, helping organizations around the world to grow and implement effective programs.

•Kristen has taught dozens of classes and workshops from Childbirth Education to Doula Business Fundamentals.  She is also a Certified Preceptor to Midwifery Apprentices.


The Curriculum is Clearly Organized and Comprehensive


•We put our years of experience and passion into developing an accessible, well-rounded, doula training program. The educational modules are specifically designed to guide you through the entire process.  You will begin with pregnancy and birth education followed by doula practices through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  The Certification Program will continue with the “how-to” guidance to create and run an actual business, including: interviewing, record keeping, contracts, and how to find clients.

•You will receive the best training available online to launch your doula career.


Our Commitment Does Not End with Certification


•We are your mentors. All students and alumni have access to our private Facebook Group. It is a growing community of Tiny Love students and professional doulas (and a midwife) that answer questions, offer encouragement, tips, opportunities, and provide support.  Be a part of a great community!

•Certification is for life. Once you complete the program you will always be  a Tiny Love Certified Doula.

•We are continuously sharing new information, videos and articles, keeping the curriculum fresh to give you the most relevant information.


We hope this explains a few of the reasons why Tiny Love is the best online course for Doula Certification.  It is simply comprehensive training that will guide you from wherever you are today into a career as a certified Professional Doula.

There is a lot of work to be done on your part, no doubt; but it is good work, meaningful and important work.  There are entire communities that need doulas. There are families, mothers and babies that need you.  Imagine being there, for that moment!