Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Questions and our Best Answers

Q: Do I need any prior experience or education to start this training program?

A: No. You do not need any prior experience, though if you have any experience working with women, children, or families in any capacity, this is sure to generally enhance your doula services.


Q: Is this just another boring pre-recorded webinar?

A: No, this course has been created with a focus on keeping your attention, and it is not your average on-line course! It is not a pre-recorded webinar but instead takes advantage of the resources in your community and the internet. There are the 3 most beneficial books to read, references, handouts and resources, and informative modules with practical activities to apply to your birth doula business. The assignments help you to begin to network and get active in your birth community immediately.


Q: How do I get the hands-on training?

A: This is a big question, and one we asked ourselves repeatedly before creating this course. The Curriculum is designed so that you are connecting with local resources to gain hands-on training (which also serves to build your business). Through your local childbirth classes, and the readings, tutorials and video instructionals you will learn techniques. However all doulas need to apply their knowledge through hands on contact with women in labor over many births before they fully learn hands-on techniques, regardless of taking a classroom training or an online program. This is a career that requires on the job training, and you will never stop learning with each birth you attend.


Q: Why attend a Childbirth Class?

A: You will need to attend a complete childbirth class. There are several reasons to do this. One reason is the in-person learning; another is being with pregnant women/couples, hearing their questions and the answers, seeing the films and doing some practice with them. But, the most valuable reason to attend a childbirth class is business networking and potentially meeting clients and getting referrals for future clients. Networking is the most valuable marketing tool you have!


Q: What if I can’t afford to buy the required reading books?

A: You could check with your local library to find out if they might purchase the books for the library, or assist you with inter-library loans to get it from another library. You can also ask other doulas or childbirth educators if you might borrow theirs. Try used book stores or look online for used books. The books on the required reading list are essential and valuable to your learning as well as a useful tool for informing parents.


Q: Are there any time limits on completing the certification program?

A: No time limits! You may complete the program at your own pace. As long as this technology exists it will be available to you. However, if you don’t start, you will never finish…


Q: How was the curriculum developed?

A: Jessica Atkins, a long time doula and doula trainer as well as a midwife, and Kristen Downer, a long-time doula, childbirth educator and midwife have contributed their collective experience supporting and educating women and their families through pregnancy and childbirth. These leaders in the doula community were approached to create a dynamic and exceptional online doula training that is totally different from the other web-based or distance learning doula certification programs. With their collective experience educating and mentoring doulas, they set out to create a valuable, business-building, active training program that you will find concise and fulfilling and will prepare you for a future doula practice in your community.


Q: What materials are needed for the class?

A: The materials; access to the internet through a computer, laptop, or tablet; you can collect other supplies such a “birth ball” or massage tools; and if you can’t find a free childbirth class to observe, you may be required to pay a fee to attend classes in your area.


Q: Are there other fees like other doula training organizations have such as certification packet fees, application fees, membership fees and regular certification renewal fees?

A: No, the one time fee is all that is required to complete the Tiny Love Doula Certification program. Continuing education is highly recommended and most doulas seek this out on their own as new and exciting opportunities arise. We choose to respect your innate interest in maternal and child health by foregoing the requirement of a certain number of continuing education units per year. We will bring relevant opportunities to further your skills and education to your attention.


Q: Are there any refunds after I have purchased the certification program?

A: No, unfortunately, since all materials are available immediately online there are no refunds offered after you have purchased the program.


Q: Are there Standards of Practice which doulas are required to adhere to?

A: Yes, Tiny Love Doulas are required to sign a commitment to operate within the TL Standards of Practice, and Certification may be revoked if misconduct occurs.


Q: How do your payment/installment plans work?

A: Payment/Installment plans are available through PayPal. The Installment Plan is $120 a month for 4 consecutive months. Here is the breakdown: $99.75 (tuition) +$20.25 (service fee). Once you make your first payment you will have full access to Tiny Love. Your payments must be paid in full in order to get your certification.